Sources for finding scholarships 

Your local library 

Spend time at the library researching and/or reading about scholarships and financial aid 


Free online Scholarship Matching Services (Do not pay for one!)

These services will have you complete a profile of your attributes and provide website links, deadlines, and contact information for scholarship opportunities.


*Find more information about these specific sites below.


College Financial Aid Office and College Scholarship Office

The college financial aid office is a great resource to learn about student loans and other financial aid resources the school provides.  Also, specific departments offer scholarships at some colleges.  Students should check the department for their intended major to see if they grant any scholarships.


Scholarship Directory

Below is a listing service and database of scholarships organized by categories such as: state, college, gender, race, field of study etc.  The following books are in print: 

  • “Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants, and Prizes” by Peterson
  • “The Scholarship Book: The complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants, and Loans for Undergraduate” by Prentice Hall Pass
  • “Kaplan Scholarships Directory” by Kaplan 
  • “The Ultimate Scholarship Book: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants, and Prizes 2012” by Gen Tanabe and Kelly Tanabe


Your own High School

Guidance counselors, college and career counselors, education centers, career service offices are great resources that can provide lists and/or resources for scholarship opportunities. 


Community Service Groups, Religious organizations, and Business Organizations

Check with local groups, public service organizations, and organizations/foundations that award scholarships.   (In Indianapolis, Central Indiana Community Foundation – CICF – gives numerous scholarships.  Check their website for listing and criteria.) 2017 CICF Scholarship Guidebook, can be found at


State financial aid and Federal Financial Aid 

  • Check the state website for higher education resources.
  • Fill out the FAFSA 


Scholarships on the web:
A free resource to Starfish Scholars and Mentors to search for scholarships
At this website you can apply online for nonfederal financial aid from approximately 300 colleges and scholarship programs.
A not-for-profit organization created to expand access to higher education.  On this website you can find everything from test preparation assistance, college planning, college searching, scholarship searches, to a link to the “CSS/Financial Aid Profile” described above.
Scholarship search website with financial aid info and other educator resources.
A website where one can search for targeted scholarships, internships, colleges and obtain career advice.
Another scholarship search website.
A website for first generation and underrepresented students to find scholarships. 
Free scholarship screening service for Indiana students
Find specific Indiana scholarships here
Specific Scholarships, exclusively for Starfish Scholars /files/Scholarship_Search_Worksheet_5-18-15.pdf
A worksheet to keep track of the Scholarships, applications and deadlines:  
College Scholarships Website Database from SFA


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