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Career Cruising is a research and planning tool that Starfish offers to its Scholars for free.  While some of its assessments are included as a part of the junior year Assessment Debriefing, Starfish encourages Scholars and Mentors to take advantage of all this site has to offer starting in their freshman year.


Career Cruising not only allows you to learn more about different fields, it clearly states academic requirements and needed skills in order to be successful in the career of your dreams.  Each job has a description, average salaries, interviews with professionals, a description of working conditions, a sample career path, and every other detail you always wanted to know but didn't know to ask.  You can also see what type of education you need and which high school courses prepare you to succeed in that field.


In the Assessments section of Career Cruising students can discover their preferred method of learning (tactile, auditory, and/or visual) and how to effectively study for their preferences.  Then they can take the Matchmaker Skills Assessment and My Skills Assessment to find out what sorts of careers they may like with their current personality and skills.  This, paired with the Meyer-Briggs one-on-one professional analysis in their Assessment Debriefing can help scholars shape their high school and college experience towards fields that they will not only love, but ones in which they’ll be successful.


The next step in career planning is making sure you find the best college for your needs. Career Cruising has yet another tool to help with that difficult decision.  In the Education section you can compare and contrast schools and check out their populations, degrees offered, tuition costs, percent of freshmen who receive financial aid, and much more, all on one page. 


Additionally, Career Cruising offers Method Test Prep, an online SAT/ACT tutoring class. To learn more about this, click on the Method Test Prep tab.


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