Workplace Encounters



Part of prepping Scholars for college and career success means helping them explore their options.  One of the new opportunities we are providing our Starfish Scholars are meaningful Workplace Encounters.  Workplace Encounters allow your student a chance to visit local companies in various fields of possible interest.  These onsite events allow Scholars to learn more about the companies, industries, and wide variety of careers available.  They will learn first-hand from associates why they chose their careers and a bit about their career paths.  It is  great opportunity to help your Scholar shape their future plans and become motivated to pursue their own individual pathways from high school, to college, to career.


Workplace encounters typically range from 3-5 hours depending on the organization.  Mentors, who are welcome to join their Scholars at these events, are encouraged to talk to their Scholars about taking advantage of these great opportunities.


Click here to see the upcoming opportunities through Starfish.


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