Match Meeting Ideas

Adapted from Polly Roach of the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota’s A Year’s Worth of Mentoring Activities, our own Mentor’s ideas, and our imaginations.


Academic, Career, and Life Skills-Focused Activities

·         Do homework

·         Go to a library (one you’ve never been to?)

·         Prepare for the school year

·         Talk about education possibilities beyond high school

·         Make a list of colleges to research

·         Work on college applications

·         Visit a local technical school, community college, or university

·         Tour a college campus outside of Indianapolis

·         Talk about your first job

·         Take the Career Cruising skills assessment together

·         Talk about planning a career

·         Talk about your online presence and employers

·         Talk about how to look for a job

·         Talk about how you found your current job

·         Work on a résumé

·         Practice job interview skills

·         Tour the mentor’s workplace

·         Look for jobs or internships

·         Learn about online banking

·         Investigate the pros and cons of credit cards

·         Take a community education or art class together

·         Talk about news and current events

·         Talk about planning a budget

·         Talk about the future

·         Talk about taxes

·         Develop a portfolio to showcase skills

·         Share a talent or teach a skill


General Activities

·         Volunteer at a food pantry or shelter

·         Volunteer together for a local cause

·         Volunteer for a fund-raiser or 5k

·         Make crafts or art

·         Make a scrap book

·         Learn photography

·         Learn how to knit, crochet or quilt

·         Carve or paint pumpkins together

·         Help make creative presents for each other’s families.

·         Do simple building projects together

·         Cooking

·         Make dinner together

·         Bake cookies together

·         Go bargain shopping

·         Play board, video or card games

·         Go to a book signing or author reading

·         Read the same book and discuss it

·         Write a story or poem together

·         Attend a poetry slam or open mic night at a coffee shop

·         Go to a high school play

·         Go to a professional play matinee

·         Go to a free outdoor concert

·         Attend a parade or festival

·         Watch each other’s favorite movies

·         Watch a movie with a mentoring theme and discuss it

·         Go to a county or state fair on community day

·         Visit the zoo

·         Go to a specialty show (e.g. flower show or auto show))

·         Go on a haunted hayride

·         Visit each other’s faith community

·         Attend a community day at a different church, synagogue, temple, or mosque

·         Work on cars or bikes

·         Talk about owning a car

·         Plant seeds for a garden

·         Plant a tree

·         Go outside and take pictures together

·         Tour your city/town

·         Go on a scavenger hunt to find all the letters of your names in signs around town (take pictures of them)

·         Celebrate National Mentoring Month in January

·         Make your New Year’s resolutions and set your mentoring goals

·         Talk about elections and politics


Sports and Physical Activities

·         Set goals for physical fitness and work out together

·         Swim

·         Ride bikes (use the Bike Share?)

·         Rollerblade on the Cultural Trail

·         Go bowling

·         Go Canoeing or boating

·         Go sledding

·         Go to a park

·         Go fishing

·         Play catch

·         Go horseback riding

·         Learn a martial art

·         Go snowboarding or skiing

·         Go to a race

·         Attend a hockey game or figure skating show

·         Go sledding

·         Go to a high school basketball game

·         Go to a high school football game

·         Go to a baseball game

·         Take a walk together

·         Watch the Super Bowl/Stanley Cup/World Series/Playoffs/World Cup/Indy 500 together

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