Mentor Tips

Summer Programs

As a Mentor you may wonder what types of summer opportunities exist for Scholars, so we have put together a helpful list.  Most programs offer free or discounted admissions for low-income students, and application deadlines can be as early as February.

Winter Weather Activities

Cold weather doesn't have to keep you from having an engaging time with your scholar.  Here are some great winter match meeting ideas!

How to Mentor Your Shy Scholar

Does it seem like your Scholar is perpetually too shy to speak to you?  Then this tip is for you!  Learn more about what shyness is and what you can do as a Mentor to help your Scholar.

Keeping Track of Colleges

Keeping track of all the potential colleges for your scholar can be challenging, even with great tools like Career Cruising.  However, Starfish has something to help!

Bullying: What To Do

Bullying is a definite problem in schools all over the world, but what can you as a mentor do to help your Scholar?

Career Experiences: Job Shadowing

While shepherding your Scholar through high school and into college is vital, another area quickly follows in importance -- exposing your Scholar to more careers (and we have a way to help).

Your Scholar Needs Concrete!

As a Mentor you help your Scholar process information. The power of mentoring is that you can discover what abstract things need to become concrete.

“Asking Powerful Questions”

Starfish Scholars spend the bulk of their time listening, whether it is lessons from their parents or instruction in school.

Volunteer with Your Scholar

Starfish Scholars have much to gain personally from volunteering in their community. A few benefits include learning new skills, developing career interests, building their résumé, earning praise from adults, and being exposed to community needs. 

Communicating With Your Scholar

Communicating with your Scholar is perhaps the most important part of mentoring. It doesn't have to be hard!  Find out how to better communicate here.

Avoiding the Summer Slide: Summer Reading

We all know that summer is a great time to learn all sorts of new skills, but usually those skills aren't related to the classroom.  Teachers spend almost a month re-teaching old material each year, so how do you engage with your scholar and help them avoid the summer slide?

Supporting Your Scholar's Academics

 You know the importance of performing well academically in high school, especially with the increasingly competitive college admittance environment.

Mentoring on a Shoestring

As early as your Mentor Orientation, you learned that we do not want our Mentors to spend much money with a Scholar. Some Mentors choose to travel to museums with a Scholar. 

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