Winter Weather Activities

Weather got you down? Never fear, there’s tons to do during the winter months! See below for a few ideas and organizations that’ll be sure to keep you busy this snowy season… And you don’t have to go it alone either. Connect with other matches that you’ve met at orientation, other Starfish events, the Mentoring tab on the MentorNet or ask your Match Specialist. 2’s a pair but 4’s a party!


Volunteering Organizations

Here’s 3 websites that help connect volunteers to projects:

Community Centers are a great place to help connect your scholar to their neighborhood. Here’s a few examples:

  • Northeast side – Brightwood Community Center
  • Eastside – Shepherd Community Center
  • Near Eastside – John Boner Community Center
  • Near Westside – Hawthorne Community Center
  • Southside – Concord Neighborhood Center
  • Southwest side – Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center

Does your scholar like to cook and eat?


Does your scholar like working with people, working alone, or organizing? There’s something for everyone at Teachers’ Treasures!


Does your scholar like animals?


Does your scholar like reading?


Does your scholar like helping people?



Home Activities

Sometimes it’s nice to just relax and spend some quality time around the house. It’s warm and the price is right! Consider some of these activities for the homebodies.


  • Puzzles, Board games – who doesn’t like hours of Monopoly or Risk, the game of world domination?! Or maybe something a little lighter like Hungry Hungry Hippos or Connect Four.

  • Video games - the Wii has tons of fun, active, scholar-friendly games!

  • 21st Century Scholar – they’ll need to complete the activities in Scholar Track, may as well while you’re stuck inside!

  • Career Cruising – combine this with some fun activities for a well-rounded day!

  • Scrapbooking – either the old fashion paper method or online at any number of free sites, organize your ticket stubs, pictures and other memories from your match so far and build on it as you add the experiences!

  • Dinner and a movie – Start with agreeing on a recipe, work up a budget and hit the grocery store. On the way home, swing by the library for a movie (and maybe books for later). Together you can go through the recipe (this is where I get lost) and craft your magnificent feast!

  • Start a book club – Whether you both like reading or not, there’s a book for everyone. Alternate choosing a book to read while you’re not together so you can discuss when you are. If your scholar really doesn’t like reading but you do, read along to a book they’re reading for school. Your discussions about the book will help them perform better in their class.

  • Build a model – have your scholar pick out a model car or airplane from the store. Then build it!

  • Scholarly Lesson – have your scholar teach you something! Whether it’s a sport or instrument they play, video game they’ve mastered or whatever their interest may be! Who doesn’t love talking about something they’re interested in?

  • Travel the globe – Ok, well not literally. Grab a globe, map or hit the interweb. Talk about places you’ve been and places they’d like to go. Virtually explore and learn everything about that exotic locale. You could even plan a mock vacation. It would get them excited about traveling, teaching them about budgeting, planning and other cultures. You could do the same thing with colleges too! to figure out where you are using only google street view)



Cultural Activities

Downtown there’s never a shortage of things to do! Look up events at the following links for family-friendly events all winter long! Also, like them on Facebook for up to the minute news and deals. If there’s a cost, check the event page for volunteering opportunities and kill two birds with one stone! But not literally. That’s not cool.



YMCA – has many events for non-member to participate as a guest or volunteer. A good holiday option is their Breakfast with Santa:


Indoor Rock Climbing

Clowes Hall at Bulter

Mini Golf

Top 10 Best Museums

Improv Comedy

Classes/Workshops/lectures – check out the webpages of the museums, libraries and universities for events open to the public




There’s always plenty of sporting events available. Head to a local university to see a cheap (or free) game on campus or one of our minor sports teams. Remember, check for volunteering opportunities to get in for free.



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