Relationship Contract (Download)

The Relationship Contract is what should guide your mentoring experience and was signed upon meeting your Scholar.  Here you can print out your own blank copy. 

Commitment Contract (Download)

The Commitment Contract is available for viewing and printing here.  This is the two year contract signed with Starfish upon accepting your mentoring role.

Authorization for Release of Student Information (Download)

The Authorization for Release of Student Information (Grade Release Form) gives Starfish staff and Mentors permission to request grades and contact the Scholar's Guidance Counselor.  This is the blank form; if you would like a signed copy you may either print and obtain the signatures yourself or contact your Match Specialist for a copy of the one that is already signed.

Overnight/Out of Town Travel (Download)

The Starfish Overnight Visit/Out of Town Travel Form should be completed any time you set up a match meeting that will take the Scholar out of the Indianapolis metropolitan area or on an overnight excursion.  Print out this form and send a filled out copy (email, fax, or mail) to your Match Specialist before you go on the trip with your Scholar.

Photo Release (Download)

The Photo Release Form is a copy of the release form you should have signed upon acceptance of becoming a Mentor.  You can review a blank one here.

Safety Policy (Download)

Our safety policies are in place to protect both Mentors and Scholars and ensure that their experience is both healthy and safe.  You can review a copy here, and in your handbook.

Academic Goals (Download)

The Scholar Academic Goals form is a great tool to help your Scholar organize their semester or academic year. You can print out a copy to complete with your Scholar here. 


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